1. Rockefeller State Park Preserve – Over 1,000 acres of stunning landscape that includes hiking, bird-watching, fishing, and more.

2. Teatown Lake Reservation – This reservation offers over 14 miles of trails and is home to over 230 bird species.

3. Croton Gorge Park – Located on the east bank of the Hudson River, this park offers scenic hiking trails with views of the Croton Dam and reservoir.

4. Ward Pound Ridge Reservation – This 4,315-acre reservation features over 40 miles of trails, making it the largest park in Westchester County.

5. Muscoot Farm – This park offers several hiking trails, including an easy hike that is perfect for families with small children.

6. Bear Mountain State Park – Located just north of Westchester County, this park offers an incredible network of trails with spectacular views of the Hudson River Valley.

7. Saxon Woods Park – This park offers scenic hiking trails through wooded areas, a beautiful lake, and an 18-hole golf course.

8. Marshlands Conservancy – This nature reserve features several miles of trails, and is home to over 230 bird species, as well as other wildlife.

These are just a few of the many great hiking spots in Westchester County, NY. You can explore more by researching the parks in the area and finding the best hiking trails for your interests and skill level.

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